Foster or Volunteer


We are always in need of volunteers to assist us with Adoption Days and other activities. If you would like to assist one of these beautiful animals, please contact us!

Foster Homes

Many of the dogs we save come from pounds and suffer from pound shock. They go from a home with a large backyard and to a solitary run in a noisy pound with very little human contact. They often are traumatized by the experience. Sometimes we save abused and injured dogs. The most important thing that anybody can do is provide a home, some affection and some human attention for these dogs. Being a foster home for a rescue dog sometimes involves more than just providing a safe backyard. It involves rehabilitating the dog and showing the dog the kind of love and affection that the animal may have never experienced before.

You may have to work with the dog and socialize the dog to other people and other animals in the foster household. It is not easy, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Many times both people and other dogs in the foster household become attached to our foster dogs. Sometimes our own dogs comfort the rescues when they come in and become a part of the rehabilitation process. We often have to turn away dogs simply because we do not have enough places to put them. If you can provide a temporary home you are saving the dog’s life and training a wonderful pet for the next owner. It is the most important part of dog rescue.

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